Past Events

Slither & Squeak Halloween 2013

Slither & Squeak 2013

Friday, October 25, 6-8 pm

Unmask the science behind Halloween tricks! Wear your costume and get hands-on with spooky science, meet nocturnal animals, and take part in science-inspired trick-or-treating.

Join us for Slither & Squeak to experiment with spooky sounds, study skulls and skeletons, see pumpkins get pulverized, plant your own pumpkin seeds, and write with glowing lasers. Watch the debut of our NEW Wildlife Show, "Night and Day" and see some our resident furry creatures.

Enjoy spooky (not scary!) decorations, and don't forget to purchase a sweet treat from the Kara’s Cupcakes Karavan!

Thanks to Pastorino Farms for their generous pumpkin donation.

This event SOLD OUT last year; get your tickets soon!

Birds of Prey Day 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

What makes a bird a bird of prey? And how do they hunt and survive? This Presidents Day, learn about these amazing avians during our feather-filled family event. Get up close to roving birds of prey and attend special programming. Free with the cost of admission.

Can't wait for Birds of Prey Day? Watch a behind-the-scences video of our American kestrel taking a bath!

Schedule of programming:
10:30am - Meet a Great Horned Owl
11:00am - Animals in Action at the Eagle Habitat
11:30am - Meet a Kestrel
12:30pm - Meet a Swainson's Hawk
1:30pm - Meet a Peregrine Falcon

Our Otter Feeding (12pm) and Bobcat Feeding (1pm) will take place at their regularly scheduled times.

Slither & Squeak Halloween Event

Friday, October 26, 2012

Discover the science behind the spooky things you see at Halloween! Museum educators will expose haunted house tricks of the trade and reveal to visitors how those seemingly mysterious things happen.

Wear your costume and experiment hands-on with spooky science, meet CuriOdyssey's noctural animals, do science-inspired trick-or-treating, and explore CuriOdyssey after dark! Everyone will receive a sweet treat for attending the event. Don't forget to bring your flashlight!

Food will be available to purchase from local food trucks, including Cheese Gone Wild and Kara's Cupcakes (gluten-free cupcakes available).

Tickets must be purchased in advance. For more information, please call (650) 342-7755.

CuriOdyssey Members: Adults - $12; Children - $10; Under 2 - Free          
Non-members: Adults and children - $18; Under 2 - Free

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Coastal Cleanup Day


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Make a difference at your backyard beach and be part of a global endeavor to clean up our oceans. Join CuriOdyssey and Coyote Point Recreation Area rangers to clean the beach and make the Bay safer for wildlife and people.

Check in at the beach at Coyote Point at 9:00am (signs will be posted directing volunteers to the registration area). Dress for the weather and wear sunscreen, shoes, a hat, and gloves. Help reduce waste by bringing your own re-usable water bottle and trash-collecting bucket.

River Otter Day

Friday, July 20, 2012

Which mammal has tiny webbed feet, water repellent fur and the third most powerful jaws of any North American animal? It’s the North American River Otter! In celebration of these amazing mammals, CuriOdyssey will be hosting River Otter Day on Friday, July 20, 2012.

Visit CuriOdyssey to take part in an array of exciting activities and celebrate all things otter!
-          11:00am     | Attend an otter-themed animal program
-          12pm          | Watch an otter feeding
-          2:30-3pm    | Make enrichment for the otters
-          3:30pm       | See a special otter enrichment activity

Families may enter a drawing for a chance to win an otter-themed gift bag, and everyone will receive a complimentary gift for attending the celebration (while supplies last).

Photo © Graham Paterson


Bobcat Day

Sunday, May 6, 2012
Noon - 5pm

What’s furry, spotted, and has a short tail? Our two bobcats, Frankie and Caro! Help us celebrate Frankie’s birthday on Sunday, May 6th. Make a card for Frankie at our card-making station – and don’t forget to make Caro an “un-birthday” card! Create animal enrichment, watch a bobcat feeding at 1pm, and receive a bobcat-themed giveaway.

Bring a present for the bobcats and get one free admission for the day (one per party). Please see the list of approved items, below (unused items only, please).

Large (dog size) KONG toys
Stuffed animal dog toy (at least 6 inches tall)
Liver treats
Fresh cat nip
Cardboard cat scratching mats/toys
Medium-sized dog beds (washable kind)
“Wiggly-Giggly” ball toy for dogs
Beach towels or extra large towels

Earth Day 2012


Earth Day 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012
Noon - 5pm

Become a part of scientific discovery – every day! Observe animals, count bees in your backyard, test your incredible scientific theories and more. Come to CuriOdyssey on Sunday, April 22, 12pm – 5pm to celebrate Earth Day and discover how you can do science each day. 

Learn how to directly contribute to scientific discovery by participating in citizen science projects, including The Great Sunflower Project and the Lost Ladybug Project. Test scientific theories in CuriOdyssey’s “Mistake Lab” – a place where kids are free to play, discover, and learn from their experiments. Learn to observe our non-releasable animals and record ethograms with a CuriOdyssey animal keeper.  With the help of volunteers from the Museum of Craft and Design, kids can even create a journal to record their own scientific observations.  You can get a head start on your conservation efforts by helping with a beach clean-up at 10:30am-12pm. 

Purchase tasty treats from Nick's Wheely Good Breakfast (and lunch!) and Kara's Cupcakes.

Earth Day is free with the cost of admission.

Program Schedule:
Beach clean-up: 10:30am-12pm
Create animal enrichment: 2pm-2:45pm
Record animal ethograms: 1:30-2:30 (desert tortoise), 2:30-3:30 (ravens), 3:30-4:30 (river otters)
Scat dissection: 12:30-1:30; 2:30-3:30
Lost Lady Bug search: 1:30-2:30
"Pooter" insect collection station: all day
Great Sunflower Project activity: all day
Frog Watch Citizen Science Project kick-off: all day
CuriOdyssey Mistake Lab: all day
Make a citizen science journal with the Museum of Craft and Design: all day
Meet beekeepers from the Beekeepers Guild of San Mateo County: all day

Special thanks to community partners and Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Foundation.


Birds of Prey Day

Monday, February 20, 2012

Birds of Prey Day

What are birds of prey? And how are birds of prey different than other avians? Learn about our fine feathered friends during this fun, family event. Meet roving birds of prey, attend special programming, and receive a tasty treat (while supplies last)! Free with the cost of admission.

Program Schedule
12:30pm - Meet a Falcon
1:30pm - Meet a Hawk
2:30pm - Meet an Owl
All day - Roving birds throughout the museum

WinterFest: Ice Science

Sunday, January 29, 2012

For members only! Join us to learn about the science of ice. Make ice cream, construct slippery slopes, and more! Make animal enrichment and meet Animal Ambassadors. Enjoy refreshments and other goodies – just for our valued members. The event is free to CuriOdyssey members, but you must register in advance to save your spot. Members may purchase tickets for non-members for just $10 each. Not a member? Become one today!

Reptile Day

Blue-tongued Skink

Friday, November 11, 2011

Which animals have skin covered in scales or scutes, are cold-blooded, lay shelled eggs, and breathe air? Reptiles, of course! In celebration of these fascinating animals, CuriOdyssey will be hosting Reptile Day on Friday, November 11, 2011.

Take part in engaging reptile-themed activities:

11am: Reptile-themed animal program
3pm: Turtle Talk
All day: Meet roving reptiles in various locations

Each visitor will receive a special reptile treat for attending the celebration. Make sure to enter your name in a drawing for a chance to win a reptile goodie basket!