Coming Soon to Your Backyard!



Can you see wind? What shape can water make? Can the sun look like a square?

Why are we asking all of these questions? They’re just the kind of things you’ll be wondering when you experience our newest exhibition, Backyard Science!

Backyard Science helps families explore, play, discover (and even get their hands dirty!) by experimenting with scientific phenomena on

CuriOdyssey’s grounds. When you play with the exhibits, you’ll be able to manipulate water and make it move in topsy-turvy ways; listen with giant ears that enhance the unique sounds of nature; watch how light can be filtered through surprising shapes; understand how erosion takes place, and even simulate “superhuman” vision!

Through direct, hands-on experimentation, the new exhibition connects children with the most common (and most fascinating!) phenomena that can be found in their own backyards!

Backyard Science opens Sunday, June 26, 2011. Find out more about opening day and when to visit, here. Hope to see you soon!

[photos: Graham Paterson]