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Inspiring the Next Generation of Critical Thinkers

We have experienced that children learn best through experiences that inspire them to ask questions, use their senses, and discover for themselves what makes their world work. We offer tailor made, high-quality, immersive, and engaging science programs designed specifically for the homeschooling community. CuriOdyssey educators provide each student with an up close, individualized, and impactful experience in science and engineering.

What We Offer

Homeschool Science Discovery Program
Looking for a more in-depth and on-going science exploration for your homeschooled student(s)? CuriOdyssey has developed a series of progressive classes that allows students, 5-12 years old to truly expand their exploration of a particular concept and connect their lessons to each other. Students will be grouped into appropriate social groups taking into consideration their science learning goals. Each series is comprised of 8 classes with each class lasting 3 hours.

Science Discovery Themes

Engineering Inquiries
Engineers and scientists have similar processes for finding answers to their questions. Students will learn by doing as they design, build, and experiment with a variety of contraptions including catapults, cars, and a carrier for an egg dropped off CuriOdyssey’s roof. Students will have opportunities to learn how to use basic tools (hammer, saw, drill) for building their creations. In this engaging 8 class program, physical science concepts, math, and engineering processes will form the content of this industrious science program.

All About Animals
Delve into the world of animals. Discover the adaptations, defenses, and survival strategies of animals through examination of biofacts, observation of live animals, and exploration of ecosystems here at Coyote Point Park. Insect collection, animal classification, and dissections are some of the content lessons used to understand the form and function of animal biology. Students will also experience what it is like to be a keeper in a zoo as they help prepare diets, enrichment, and basic cleaning for CuriOdyssey’s furry, feathered, and scaled creatures.

Water, Wind & Weather
This session focuses on earth sciences, the natural phenomena that impacts the place where we live. How plants adapt to their environment, the force of the wind, and weather patterns over time are some of the content lessons designed to get students outside observing their world. Educators provide an opportunity for students to design and conduct their own session-long inquiry investigations. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn about and experience the natural phenomena that makes and shapes our world.

Wednesdays, October 1 – November 19, 2014
Ages 5-7 years: Engineering Inquiries
Ages 8-11 years: All About Animals

Wednesday, January 7 – February 25, 2015
Ages 5-7 years: Water, Wind & Weather
Ages 8-11 years: Engineering Inquiries

Wednesdays, March 4-May 6, 2015 (No class on 4/1/15 and 4/22/15)
Ages 5-7 years: All About Animals
Ages 8-11 years: Water, Wind & Weather

Program Fees*:

CuriOdyssey Members: $500/student/series
Non-members: $575/student/series
*If you register for all three sessions by September 19, 2014, the fee will be:
CuriOdyssey Members: $1400/student/series
Non-members: $1600/student/series

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